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18 October 2006 @ 06:56 pm
あの。。。are you guys still doing a contest this year?
I just want to know, that's all, since i haven't heard of you guys for a while....(since last year)
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04 November 2005 @ 10:04 pm
Voting is now closed. Thanks to the last minute procrastinators voters who...well voted. You helped settle some close finishes for this contest. Reults of the contest will be posted shortly.
04 November 2005 @ 03:42 pm
Reminder that the deadline for voting is tonight at 9 p.m. EST.

...and to those that are wondering why we are emphasizing and saying this repeatedly is because the voting is close. Very close. And we kid you not when we say every vote counts even if it is "late."
03 November 2005 @ 09:48 pm
Reminder that the voting deadline for the fanart/fanfiction is tomorrow at 9 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time). So if you haven't voted please do so before that time. Thank you.
31 October 2005 @ 07:17 pm
A friendly reminder that voting is now up here and will close on November 4 this Friday. We had to change the voting system a little after some unforseen problems came about with the original voting. If you can't see the entry it is because you did not friend the community which the voting is restricted to. If you want to vote then please join the community. And now to answer a few questions that have arisen either through the entry or via direct communication.

Do I have to vote for both contests?
No, you don't have to vote for both contests. You are free to vote for either the fanart or fanfiction but we would really appreciate it if you did vote for both contests.

Can I vote for my own entry?
Yes, you can. We don't encourage it but if you feel that your fic/art was the best of the bunch then feel free to vote for your own entry.

I just read/saw an entry which I thought was best and want to change my vote although I already voted. Can I change my mind if I already voted?
You can change your vote but you have to understand that there is a point where if you keep changing your vote your vote will be discarded and not considered into the final tally.

What if there is a tie?
We...really don't know what we are going to do in the event of a tie. If it comes to that we will let the community know the procedures to settle the tie-breaker. Hopefully, it won't come down to that at least for first place.

If there are any other questions then feel free to drop them here and we will do our best to answer them. ^_^
29 October 2005 @ 02:09 am
As of right now all contest entries from here on out are closed. Polls will be up soon. We would just like to say thank for you for people that submitted entries for this contest. Without all of you this contest would not be successful. ^_^
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29 October 2005 @ 04:27 pm
Title: Return To Sender
Rating: PG-13?
Genre: Drama, Angst
Word Count: 390

Ficlet goes here.Collapse )
28 October 2005 @ 10:48 pm
Title: For the better
Pairing: Athrun x Cagalli
Rating: G
Medium: Pencil, scanner, Photoshop CS
28 October 2005 @ 11:09 pm
*phew* Got this one done in time. ^^

Title: Knight in Red
Characters: Athrun, Meyrin
Rating: G
Medium: Traditional // Colored Pencils, Gel Pens, Paint Makers

The Red KnightCollapse )
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28 October 2005 @ 09:46 pm
Title: "Our World."
Pairing: Athrun/Kira, Athrun/Lacus, Athrun/Shinn, Athrun/Cagalli. You can take them as shippy or non-shippy as you please.
Rating: PG.
Genre: Gen, romance.
Word count: 1,802.

Home, Grace, Smile, Us, Destiny.Collapse )
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